How to survive your first week at the gym

Summer is here, which means it’s time to take out your blankets and your sunscreen bottles and hit the beach! It also means that it’s time to show off that amazing summer body you’ve trained hard to get.


Some of you are a little behind and have just now realized that summer is here and you need to get ready, and that has lead to you standing outside this miracle place called The Gym. Oh yes the gym, where you enter as a lazy pizza eating loser and exit as Zac Efron.

Zac Efron

The Gym is indeed a place of magic. You’re motivated, you’re excited and you’re ready. Nothing can stop you from getting that body you always wanted. You push the glass door and walk in. It’s like you’ve entered into a different world. All around you see people working out in different ways. It excites you for a few seconds and then the anxiety kicks in. All that excitement and confidence you were feeling just a few minutes ago vanishes and you’re left standing confused and scared.

That’s your first day at the gym. In fact, that’s how your first week is going to go. Your first week at the gym is going to suck. You’re going to be confused, ashamed and scared, but don’t worry, we’ve got your back. This guide is going to help you get through your first week without freaking out and running away. Well then, let’s get started.

1. Find a workout partner:

Finding a friend to go to the gym with you will be really helpful, not only in the first week but throughout your time at the gym. In exercises such as the Bench Press, you could be each others spot and also motivate each other. It also helps in getting rid of the anxiety you’ll feel during your first week.

2. Headphones and Music:

This is a method I don’t personally use but I know is really helpful. A pair of headphones and a music player is going to help you a lot. Most people, unlike me, prefer to go to the gym to workout and not make friends. If you fit that category then this will help you a lot. Just plug in your headphones hit play and forget everyone around you.

3. Gym Guide:

This post is mainly aimed at people who don’t have private trainers. More specifically, this point is for those people. If you, like me, can’t afford a private trainer, you don’t need to worry. Almost everyone has a smartphone these days and it’s almost as good as having a trainer. Just fire up your designated app store and download a Gym/workout guide app to help you out. I personally use the “Fitness Trainer FitProSport” on Android. The great thing about this app is that it let’s you see exercises targeted at different areas which is really helpful.

4. Listen to experienced people:

Most people at your gym are going to be coming there for a really long time. Mostly, they’ll give you small tips or something. Listen to them. Those could be things about your specific gym that they know about because they’ve been coming there before you. When I joined the gym, I would spend a lot of time on a machine called “The Commando” which targeted the chest area. If I hadn’t listened to that one guy, I would still be using that thing and would have destroyed my chest size. Keeping that in mind, you don’t have to listen to every tip someone throws at you. Be sensible about it. If a tip seems valid to you, try it but if you’re a bit doubtful, ask someone else or just search the internet before trying it out.

5. Don’t correct people:

This one is really important. Not just in your first week, but throughout your gym life, try to correct people as little as you can. Many people will be offended and will turn it into a big fuss. In this case, the second option is really helpful. Just keep to yourself and you won’t have a problem.


The main reason why people get anxious is by looking at other people workout. They might be hitting massive and might laugh at you when you look for the one kilo weight. Remember, everyone had to start little. Just find a partner, find a guide, plug in your headphones. You’ll be hitting big and ready to show off your Zac Efron body in no time!

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