Does India hate Pakistan?

Before I start, I’d like to make it clear I am not blaming India for hating Pakistan. Nor am I assuming India hates Pakistan or Pakistan hates India.


It’s more than clear that political relations between India and Pakistan aren’t great. That’s evidently clear to everyone, but I’m not talking about political relations here, I’m talking about individual thoughts – Does an Indian individual hate Pakistan?
What does an individual, Pakistani or Indian, feel about the other person?


I’ve been recently active on Quora mainly answering questions related to Web development or Free Code Camp. While going through my feed, I saw a question on the topic: How many people in India hate Pakistan? I was genuinely interested so I decided to check it out. I saw only one person had decided to answer the question: It was an Indian student, from what I saw on his Quora profile. He answered:

Indian: I love India
Pakistani: I hate India

His answer clearly states that he loves his country(of course), but rather than saying something about Pakistan, he said Pakistanis hate India, to which in the comments, someone replied the exact opposite:

Pakistan; I love Pakistan
India; I hate pakistan

In both the cases, neither the Pakistani or the Indian agreed to hating the other person. They just assumed the other person hates them. After reading this, and a lot of other stuff on social networks such as, the famous questioning site, where I saw different Indians and Pakistanis asking each other questions related to the topic and replying with friendly answers, I noticed there wasn’t much hate among the general public on both sides. Now of course there is still that 10% of the population whose only purpose in life is to spread hatred, but let’s ignore them right now. So I’ve decided to find out if this hatred is only political or does it also exist between the general public.


I asked a question on Quora: Does India hate Pakistan?

Now I want you as an individual to answer that question on Quora, if you have an account, on Facebook, in a comment below, or just tweet it to me linking the question or this post @AmmarAliShahK. If your feelings are more complicated than that, you can send me an email.

After that, I want you to forward this question to your friends and family and asking them to answer it too. Let’s find out once and for all if the hatred is real or not.

In the end, I’ll be updating this post with the results.


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