Everything wrong with our current educational system

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of students who dropout from High School. College, which used to be a place to gain education and essential skills for your future life has turned into a cruel joke for the poor. In a survey, it was found that every 4 out of 10 kids will not continue their formal education after High School. This … Continue reading Everything wrong with our current educational system

Uber comes to Karachi

Uber, an American multinational online transportation network, had previously opened up it’s services to the residents of Lahore.  Around 2 weeks ago, Uber Pakistan posted a photo on their Facebook page hinting their arrival in Karachi. A few days later, on August 25th, Uber Newsroom announced that Uber is launching in Pakistan, and it was no boring announcement either. Uber is giving away 5 Free rides of … Continue reading Uber comes to Karachi

Does India hate Pakistan?

Before I start, I’d like to make it clear I am not blaming India for hating Pakistan. Nor am I assuming India hates Pakistan or Pakistan hates India. What? It’s more than clear that political relations between India and Pakistan aren’t great. That’s evidently clear to everyone, but I’m not talking about political relations here, I’m talking about individual thoughts – Does an Indian individual hate … Continue reading Does India hate Pakistan?

The One Key Keboard

HashKey: The one-key Keyboard

Let’s start with a bit of honesty here, when I saw the name of this project on Kickstarter, my instant reaction was “Meh!” Today we’re talking about a very special kind of keyboard: The one-key Keyboard. This is a project at Kickstarter by Ben Gomori. As the name suggests, this keyboard comes with only ONE key: The # key (commonly known as the hash key). Anyone … Continue reading HashKey: The one-key Keyboard

Celluon Epic

Laser Keyboards exist and they actually work.

Laser keyboards have always been a conceptual thing for everyone but not anymore. Celluon, a Korean company launched its product Celluon Epic, i don’t know if it’s the first to be made but the first laser keyboard i have seen that actually works. Many may argue over it’s functionality and those who are actually using it everyday may be able to point out it’s pros and … Continue reading Laser Keyboards exist and they actually work.


Your degree doesn’t choose your career

Hello there readers! Today i’m going to talk a little about something that’s on everyone’s mind: “What degree should we go for?“ Well heres the thing, it doesn’t matter! No really. it actually doesn’t. You can get a degree in music but end up being someone who records videos! Wait…. Just to prove my point, i’ll provide you guys with some examples first: 1. David Pogue: … Continue reading Your degree doesn’t choose your career