Everything wrong with our current educational system

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of students who dropout from High School. College, which used to be a place to gain education and essential skills for your future life has turned into a cruel joke for the poor. In a survey, it was found that every 4 out of 10 kids will not continue their formal education after High School. This number has drastically increased after large companies including Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft have announced that they will no longer ask for a college degree from their employees. The question is, what has stopped these kids from continuing their education? The answer is very simple – Our Educational System.

There are quite a few flaws in our educational system that could be the reason behind students moving away from education – may it be the fact that memory is given precedence over intelligence, or the amount of standardized tests students have to give during their two years in High School.
Memory and Intelligence are two very different things – a student who is able to understand what is being taught and one who is able to memorize it. The former will always have precedence over the latter but in our current system, it is the exact opposite. Intelligence is not valued. Students are expected to memorize what is being taught rather than to understand it. This results in students, who had achieved great marks in High School, not being able to get into Colleges of their choice as these Colleges, value intelligence and not memory – the exact opposite of what they have experienced till High School. This has stopped a lot of students from applying for Colleges all together!

Other reasons would include students being taught to focus more on the presentation of their answer scripts rather than the content. This is rather ironic as, in the professional world you are taught that, “Content is king”. This conflict between School, College and professional life is so confusing for many students that they have decided to not continue their education and have started to drop out from Schools and Colleges. Not only students but organizations working in all sectors have also taken notice of this confusing system and as aforementioned, have decided to stop asking students for formal education transcripts but instead, will now hire candidates according to the required skill level.


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