Do we need formal education?

Over the last decade, the internet has grown into a vast collection of knowledge and data. Most kids these days learn to use the internet before they even go to school. Almost every household has some means of connecting to the internet. The internet, used to share funny cat pictures with friends, is also being used to teach people. These online classes or courses called MOOCs have proved to be very successful. Most people say they learn more online than they do in class. Does this mean that the internet can completely replace our traditional formal educational system?

There are hundreds if not thousands of courses being offered online today. MIT has put its entire Computer Science curriculum online. Stanford,Harvard and many other universities are doing or have done the same. This means I can take a complete MIT 4-year Computer Science program right from my home just like a normal student studying there. This is enabling people who can not afford to go to college to get college level education just through the internet. You study the same material as a normal student minus the experience and degree. Most large companies today such as Google and Microsoft have stopped asking job candidates for degrees but rather test their skill. This has resulted in any High School students opting-out of college to save time and money. Why would they want to spend thousand of dollars on acquiring a skill they can acquire online. Ten year olds are learning to code through the internet, Little kids learn the whole alphabet before even joining preschool all from YouTube.

The internet is in in a very powerful state right now. Companies worth billions are based solely on the internet. The idea behind Facebook was to take the social life of college and put it on the internet, it was a huge success. What if we take the college education and put it on the internet?(Which we already have.) I see no other reason to go to college today other than for the experience, which of course can not be created online. Other than that there is no reason to spend thousands of dollars on a college degree when top employers won’t even ask for it – they just want the skill.

In my honest opinion, majority of the students will gain everything they know online and will eliminate the need for formal education.


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