The One Key Keboard

HashKey: The one-key Keyboard

Let’s start with a bit of honesty here, when I saw the name of this project on Kickstarter, my instant reaction was “Meh!”

Today we’re talking about a very special kind of keyboard: The one-key Keyboard. This is a project at Kickstarter by Ben Gomori. As the name suggests, this keyboard comes with only ONE key: The # key (commonly known as the hash key). Anyone who’s on social knows the importance of this key. Are you a social bot? Here you go then. This keyboard has been made for you and other social bots like you. If finding the # key is a frustrating process for you, here’s your solution. I’m sure this will speed up the process of “tweeting” or any other social network where you make use the # key. You can back this project here. What do you think of this keyboard, tell us in the comments.



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