Calculators are slowing us down

Calculators were made to speed up our work and they are doing a very good job of doing that, but they are slowing us down. Just to inform all of you guys, i didn’t believe this until morning; here’s what happened:

Today in school we had a Maths test. I am studying Cambridge Ordinary Level and our Maths syllabus consists of four books and two papers. The first paper is to be solved without a calculator and the second with a calculator. In our test we were suppose to be given questions from paper one(which means no calculator allowed). The questions which were given to us in the test were simple and could be solved using a calculator in like 2 minutes but here’s the problem, calculators weren’t allowed. Well anyway i thought these were easy questions and i can solve them without a calculator(just in case your wondering, i was WRONG!). When i began to solve the questions, i saw that they were very hard to do manually: We were given 1 hour 20 minutes for a test that would take 2 minutes using a calculator. The final thing that happened was that most of us(all of us) could not solve simple questions from the topic numbers and everyday maths without a calculator(Result not out yet!).

Now you know what happened. Well my point is simple here, “Calculators are slowing us down”. These same questions if i were given two years ago i could solve without any problem because at that time i wasn’t dependent on a calculator. Ever since we got old enough to use a calculator i have seen that our mental and manual math skills are fainting. I would solve a simple question like, 500 + 400 on a calculator although it’s very easy. This proves that calculators are not good for us. If younger generations are from the start trained to search answers on Wikipedia and solve questions on a calculator, they will be totally dependent on devices tovsolve their questions and will have weak minds.

Thats all!

Bye! “Khudahafiz”

Ammar Ali Shah,

Head blogger.


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