Your degree doesn’t choose your career

Hello there readers! Today i’m going to talk a little about something that’s on everyone’s mind: “What degree should we go for?

Well heres the thing, it doesn’t matter!

No really. it actually doesn’t.

You can get a degree in music but end up being someone who records videos!


Just to prove my point, i’ll provide you guys with some examples first:

1. David Pogue:

David graduated summa cum laude from Yale in 1985, with distinction in Music, and he spent ten years conducting and arranging Broadway musicals in New York. After this, he became a tech columnist at the NYC! Check that out! Reviewing technology with a degree in Music. Isn’t this a great example?

2. Suli Breaks:

I’ve talked about Breaks before, well this guy  has a Law degree from the University of Sheffield – albeit unused. A degree in Law! and what does he do? He is a spoken word artist. Looks like David Pogue’s degree said he would be something related to this!

There are many more examples but we won’t go into details with that. The point is, if you wanted to be a software developer but couldn’t make it due to low grades, family problems or anything else and are just finishing a Bachelor’s in Sociology, don’t think your dream is gone! No! It’s still here! All you have to do is work hard and learn those skills but don’t forget the skills that your degree taught you! Collaborate them with your newly learned skills and you will achieve great results.


Ammar Ali Shah,

Head Blogger.


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