How can the Apple iPad be used for work

You must have seen people carrying around their iPad to work and you must have thought: “What good is an iPad for work?”; or something similar. Well today i am going to talk about how the iPad can be used for work.

Okay so let’s begin!

I’m going to name a few professionals that use the iPad for work and why do they use it!

Freelance Designers:

Freelance Designers
Freelance Designers

Apple states that the new iPad Air has Desktop-class Architecture, hence no desktop is required. Well this exact statement drives many freelance designers towards the iPad Air. Freelance designers have to travel around a lot to show their clients their work and carrying around a laptop can be quite difficult at times as it is quite bulky. Portability is what drives freelancers to the iPAd because they have to travel a lot.

Event Managers:

Event Manager
Event Manager

Event managers have some of the most traveling and frustrating job ever. They have to cope with clients, run around to different organizations, get stuff done in time and all that. In a job like this you really don’t have time to sit down on a computer or a laptop, and mobile can’t provide you advance functionality, so the choice for them is the iPad. It’s productive, portable and many event organizing softwares are available for the iPad, Looks like software companies also agree that the iPad is suitable for event managers!


They love the iPad! Why? Well because it has everything they need: Constant email check, good amount of productive apps, on-the-go management and quick note down of ideas. That’s what they need to do and the iPad does it all for them.

Well this concludes it. Now you know why some professionals carry around an iPad: it’s just not style it’s also good for work!

Ammar Ali Shah,

Head Blogger


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