Supporting a leader or a political party with the aim of supporting your Country

Hey there readers! Previously I posted about supporting your country rather then supporting a leader or a political party, but that post didn’t feel complete so this post exists to complete my point from the last post.

NOTE: I would recommend you read my previous post on the same topic so that it is easier for you to understand what i am trying to say here.

In my previous post, i talked about supporting your country and not any leader or a political party. Taking forward my message from there, i would like to extend the point.
Islam teaches us that everything we do is based on our intentions(Urdu: Ammal ka damomadar niyat per hai). By this i mean to say that it is not necessary for you to be neutral(not in support of any person or political party) to prove that you are a true patriot. If you think that this guy deserves to be our next leader in the vision that he will prove to be beneficial for our counter, then you love your country more then those neutral people because they don’t care about the government(although there are different types of neutrality).

If you support Imran Khan because you think he will be somehow beneficial for Pakistan, then you are a true patriot, but being in favor of a particular party no matter what they do is what i am against.

Although i hate to point out a specific tribe or group of people, but this is my personal experience that some illiterate and surprisingly some literate Sindhis support Pakistan Peoples Party(PPP) regardless of what they do. This is a simple case of racism!

So here’s the conclusion, you should support anyone you like as long as in hindsight you think for the benefit of our beloved country which will Inshallah turn sixty-seven years old in approximately forty-eight hours – Mashallah.



One thought on “Supporting a leader or a political party with the aim of supporting your Country

  1. first of all very nice thought, it is a right approach. Your blogs impressed me. Let me know, who and what is your inspiration? Moreover, I must say, things are not as simple as they look. What do you think about feudalism and tribalism in our country? What are its causes and consequences of these obsolete things? And link them with poverty in our country. Do all these things work in public opinion process?

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