Supporting a political party or supporting your COUNTRY?

14th August is just round the corner and this is a big day for us Pakistanis. To our politicians, it is more important then you may think. Oh yes! It’s 14th August. Time to show that they only care for the people. Every political party leader will be going around giving speeches and interviews on how they love there country. Well that’s all rubbish! They love there positions.PERIOD

I came across this amazing picture on Facebook and i would like to share it with you:

14th August 2014

Explains a lot doesn’t it? Well this is how it goes now! People say they support Imran Khan, Nawaz Sharif, Tahir Ul Qadri, e.t.c but i never hear someone saying that they support Pakistan

Well i’m going to say it: “I am Ammar Ali Shah and i support Pakistan.

God Bless Pakistan!

Ammar Ali Shah,

Head Blogger.


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