Ammar Shah’s first experience with Ubuntu

About two weeks ago, disheartened by the compatibility issues of Windows 8.1 Pro with my HP 620 notebook computer, I took the bold decision any Developer/Geek would take and replaced Windows with Ubuntu 14.04. This was the first time i had installed Ubuntu, or any Linux distro for that matter, locally on my computer.

The experience at first was just amazing and i was amazed at how compatible it was with my old computer even though being the latest version available! After using it for just two hours, i found out that Ubuntu would be a steep learning curve compared to the years of experience i had with Windows.


Why i shifted to Ubuntu? I have been a windows user since my first computer experience that goes back to 2002! I have used Windows all my life. In early 2010, i discovered the “Geek world”. This changed my life and made me who i am today! As a newbie in the Geek World, i tried to grasp as much info from experienced Geeks as i could. This lead me to Operating System(OS) switching. Geeks i met on the internet told me if i really wanted to go far in the geek world, i should be able to use a few different operating systems. So that’s where i started my quest and came across different OS most of them Linux distros. After over half a year, i stopped searching and started downloading different Linux distros which included Ubuntu. I was deeply impressed by it’s functionality and started doing research on Ubuntu. Around mid 2013, i started creating live USBs of different linux distros. After becoming a front-end developer, i saw that most people recommended Ubuntu  for front-end development. I created a live USB for Ubuntu and kept it for troubleshooting purposes. In late 2014, i shifted to Ubuntu!


As you saw, i didn’t hastily shift to Ubuntu, it actually took me around four years and when i finally did, i regretted it. When my desktop finally loaded up with Ubuntu, i was very happy. I felt like i had some power. I instantly started typing away on it. After about 4 to 5 hours of continues use, i found out that this wasn’t easy. After about two days, i found out that it wasn’t worth it!


The most main reason was that although it had a pretty good GUI, there still was a need to use the command line which i hate by the way! I couldn’t install simple software without typing sudo – get or something like that! I had to Google and read through hundreds of posts to do a simple task such as installing Skype! The rest of the reasons are:

  • Adobe Products not available
  • Need to know how to use the command line
  • Many of the software available on Windows and Mac isn’t available
  • Too much battery drainer


Here you have it folks, my Ubuntu experience. If your ever looking to switch to Ubuntu just remember, no Adobe Products and you will have to deal with a command line(Which most people hate)! That’s all.


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